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• Dacia and UTMB® World Series organisers UTMB Group and The IRONMAN Group, are announcing a multi-year partnership • Dacia become Official Technical Partner and exclusive Automotive Partner for UTMB® World Series European and African events, including UTMB® Mont-Blanc, beginning 2022.

In the automotive world, Dacia heads off the beaten track – both literally and figuratively. Thanks to their pragmatic approach, and updated, simple and robust design, Dacia focuses on what really matters to customers; affordability and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. As Dacia develops its footprint on the outdoor territory, partnering with UTMB® World Series is a new way to offer everyone the pleasure to connect with nature through trail running.

The UTMB® World Series is the world’s ultimate trail running circuit that allows all runners to experience the UTMB® adventure through leading international events in the world’s most striking destinations. It shares many fundamental principles with Dacia with both organizations focusing on the spirit of solidarity, inclusivity and on the development of a mindful consumption. Through this partnership, both parties will work together closely to promote those values.

The partnership will run 2022-2024, and as the first Official Technical Partner to the UTMB® World Series, and exclusive Automotive Partner, Dacia will provide essential operational support to the European events, in particular the provision of their robust vehicles which are built for going off road.

At Dacia, we have all been passionate about disrupting the automotive market for more than 15 years. The huge success of the iconic SUV Duster embodies our brand positioning and ambition to connect people with the outdoor nature. We are excited by our partnership with UTMB® World Series, which allows us to drive brand awareness and connect even more closely to people enjoying simple outdoor pleasures, together.

Xavier Martinet, SVP, DACIA & LADA, Marketing, Sales & Operations

At the heart of our UTMB® World Series race experience is giving athletes an adventure that is steeped in natural beauty and surrounded by nature in its purest form. We’re constantly looking at ways that we can bolster our sustainability initiative, so knowing that Dacia is built on a belief of mindful consumption and eco-smart solutions is incredibly important for us. On behalf of The IRONMAN Group, we look forward to welcoming Dacia into our family and look forward to a successful partnership moving forward.

Matt Wikstrom, Chief Partnerships Officer at The IRONMAN Group

We are thrilled to partner with Dacia as their brand ethos is a natural fit for UTMB® World Series. We launched the UTMB® World Series to bring together the whole trail running community, and to create an inclusive sports system for all athletes. Our core values are interwoven in a natural way with Dacia’s, and we look forward to working with them as together we continue our focus on inclusivity and our shared passion for the outdoor environment and sustainability, as the Series continues to develop in key European, Middle Eastern and African markets over the coming years.

Frédéric Lénart, CEO UTMB Group

The partnership between UTMB ® Group and The IRONMAN Group was announced last May as they launched the new UTMB ® World Series. The first event of the Series will get underway from 7-10 April at Croatia’s biggest trail running race, Istria 100 by UTMB®. 25 international events have been confirmed for 2022 - the only place where runners can qualify for the UTMB® World Series Finals at UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2023.

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