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• The Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition finals were held this weekend at the French team's site in Viry-Chatillon in the presence of Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO, and Esteban Ocon, BWT Alpine F1 Team driver Esteban Ocon. • This national competition was conceived and developed in partnership with the Ministries of Labour, Employment and Integration and the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, aiming to promote mechanical engineering as a path of excellence accessible to everyone. • The finalists passed the third round in six workshops designed by the team's engine builders using their tools and Formula 1 engine components in the BWT Alpine F1 Team's Mechanical Assembly Shop. • Seventeen-year-old Achille Thurotte and eighteen-year-old Robin Chaillard won the competition and a three-month internship with the team.

After two selection tests, including a remote theoretical test to evaluate general engineering knowledge on 3 February and a one-day practical test in eight French cities between 25 February and 18 March 2022, the nine finalist pairs gathered this weekend for the final of the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition. The winning pair wins a three-month internship with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, with the possibility of an apprenticeship contract if the experience proves successful for both parties.


The Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition finals took place over two days, on 1 and 2 April 2022, at the BWT Alpine F1 Team site in Viry-Châtillon. In presence of Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi and BWT Alpine F1 Team driver Esteban Ocon, the candidates were evaluated on their savoir-faire and interpersonal skills.

The Mechanical Assembly Workshop, where the team's Formula 1 engines are assembled, hosted the nine pairs for the six tests of the finals of the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition. The candidates encountered machinery they did not use during their apprenticeship, among others, a test on the synchronisation of throttle valves and a test on the assembly of a variable turbocharger pre-rotation device. This unique experience allowed the finalists to learn about the components, technologies and tools of our F1 engine builders. In addition to savoir-faire, equal attention was paid to interpersonal skills, for example, an evaluation of social skills, stress management and availability to their partners.

The finals were created as a deep dive into Formula One. The participants visited the Viry-Chatillon site, discovered the team's working environment and met the engine experts working on this season's A522 Formula 1 car.

The surprise meeting with Esteban Ocon, and the discussions that followed, made an impression on all those present.

Esteban Ocon, BWT Alpine F1 Team driver: "During the two days of the finals, the pairs surpassed themselves and gave their best, accompanied by the judges and the whole team. This competition offered everyone the same chances to succeed, promote meritocracy and confidently demonstrate their full potential. Congratulations to Robin and Achille, who have attained mechanical engineering excellence and welcome to the BWT Alpine F1 Team!"

The winning duo, 17-year-old Achille Thurotte and 18-year-old Robin Chaillard win a three-month internship that will allow them to work on the engine for the 2022 Formula 1 season in the BWT Alpine F1 Team's mechanical assembly workshop in Viry-Châtillon. This programme allowed the pair to develop their skills, learn about the importance of interpersonal skills and demonstrate their motivation. This internship could eventually lead to an apprenticeship contract.

Achille is in his final year of his Professional A-Level sudies at the Lycée Professionnel Joliot Curie in Sète and Robin Chaillard, 18 years old, is in his first year of his BTS MV programme at the Lycée Ettore Buggatti in Illzach in the Haut-Rhin.


Co-created and run in conjunction with the Ministries of Labour and Education, OPCO Mobilités, ANFA and the Renault Group, the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition is an inclusive competition to promote merit and teamwork. Open to students enrolled in the Automobile Maintenance and Automobile After-Sales sections, the competition has enabled the young participants to showcase their engineering savoir-faire and skills.

The competition aims, as well, to promote the automotive engineering field as a sector of excellence to attract the combustion and electrical mechanics of tomorrow.

The continuation of the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition is already guaranted as we will ask for feedback on this first edition from all the interested parties to define the development perspectives of the concept and the associated practical modalities.

Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO: "Although the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition has just named its two brilliant winners, I am sincerely convinced that there is much more than the victory. Through them and this competition, the entire sector is validated, and the 1,111 applicants and 18 finalists, and many other students, whom I hope, have become aware of their value and abilities.

I want to thank the Ministries of Labour and National Education, which have worked so hard with us to create this competition. And all of our partners, including ANFA, OPCO Mobilités and Renault Group, which are examples of inclusiveness, exemplarity and excellence.

And I wish all these talented young people and our two winners every success as we support them over the coming months.”

Cédric Caret, Alpine Head of Sustainable Development: "The finals of the Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition brought us all together around meritocracy, communication and this combination of interpersonal skills and savoir-faire. The commitment of the team members to bring this project to life is extraordinary, as is the individual and collective enthusiasm felt during the finals and the ceremony.

The statements of the finalists, ambassadors of the mechanical engineering excellence of the future, touched us because their "waking dream" will impact their respective lives, and this is an unparalleled motivation to continue the adventure and develop the next edition of the competition.”

Arnaud Sautier, Director of Network Training France, Renault Group: "Through this Excellence Mécanique Alpine competition, the objective is to promote and enhance the French automotive engineering industry. We are thrilled to make young people the focus of the scheme! This competition underscores the technical expertise needed to reach the highest level and, more importantly, create professions in the very dynamic and evolving mechanical engineering sector. The young people that are learning in CFA and vocational schools are for us the opportunity to succeed in energy transition with the Renault, Dacia and Alpine distribution network.”


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