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Cabify rolls out the first fleet of forty Mobilize Limo in Madrid, thereby becoming the first customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions

• Cabify becomes the world's first customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions, a flexible solution with the Mobilize Limo sedan and ‘all inclusive’ services. Mobilize specifically designed this all-in-one solution to cover the needs of professionals in the people transport sector. • According to the agreement between Mobilize and Cabify, 40 Mobilize Limo vehicles are to be integrated into the fleet of Vecttor, a Madrid-based subsidiary of the Cabify Group. The all-electric vehicle has a WLTP (1) range of 450 km and provides an ideal response to the current demand for emission-free vehicles for fleets and independent operators of the sector. • The vehicles will be included in the Cabify Eco range that is already available for business customers who travel only in electric cars. They will also be made available to private users in other Cabify categories.

Mobilize, the Renault Group brand dedicated to new mobilities, and the Spanish multi-mobility company, Cabify, have signed a major agreement for Spain’s ride-hailing sector. Their collaboration will see Cabify become the first company to use Mobilize Driver Solutions and the first 40 Mobilize Limo in the world.

Through Mobilize Driver Solutions, aimed at people transport professionals, Mobilize alleviates uncertainties linked to the impact that the cost of acquiring and using vehicles has on their turnover. Mobilize offers professional drivers a dedicated subscription for maximum peace of mind that covers vehicle use, priority and regular maintenance, warranty, insurance, assistance and charging.

These are flexible solutions that give drivers and operators the best guarantees in terms of reliability and safety as required for urban passenger transport as long as the vehicles continue to operate.

A major milestone to reach carbon-free mobility even faster

This agreement is the culmination of more than a year's worth of concerted efforts and marks a fundamental step forward for the mobility sector. Mobilize and Cabify share the same philosophy in their quest for new forms of mobility that help reach carbon-free objectives, while making life easier for transport professionals and users alike.

Mobilize, through its Mobilize Driver Solutions offer is venturing into the ride-hailing market, a sector that is expected to grow throughout Europe by 80% come 2030.

The sector is one that is going to need a massive push into electric vehicles to ensure access to the city centres that are increasingly subject to traffic restrictions, especially the growing number of low-emission zones across Europe.

For its part, Cabify is making headway towards its decarbonisation objectives. In 2018, the company became the first carbon-neutral platform in its field. Since then, it has continued to offset its own emissions and those of its passengers, while upholding its commitment to reduce its annual emissions.

The Spanish company recently presented its 2022-2025 sustainable business strategy:

- a firm promise to help in the fight against climate change with a goal having a carbon-free fleet in Spain and Latin America;

- an additional objective: by 2025 (Spain) and 2030 (Latin America), 100% of trips completed via its platform will be operated with carbon-free or electric vehicles.

A sedan such as the Mobilize Limo is a perfect fit for Cabify's objectives: all-electric, it is an ideal response for drivers looking for zero-emission vehicles that are distinctive, spacious, comfortable, and affordable to run. With its 450km range (WLTP) and silent drive. This model will make it easier for individuals and fleet operators to access electric mobility solutions.

The 40 Mobilize Limo vehicles added to the Vecttor fleet in the streets of Madrid will result in 320 tons of avoided CO2 emissions every year!

Mobilize Limo will be available in the category ‘Cabify Eco’ – already used by business customers who wish to travel solely with electrified vehicles (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full-electric) – as well as in other categories intended for private users, such as Cabify, Cuanto Antes, or Kids.

Cabify Eco is being launched for the first time ever in Madrid before being gradually expanded elsewhere.

Madrid, the first city in the world where the Mobilize Limo sedan will hit the road

Madrid was an obvious choice for both partners: capital city of a key market for Renault Group and a city where Cabify developed its mobility platform and established its head office.

“I am pleased to announce our first business agreement for mobility services with a leading partner like Cabify. With Mobilize Driver Solutions, we want to offer a one-stop shop of solutions that make life easier for people transport professionals. The upcoming launch of our service in Madrid, then in Paris, is our way of helping the two cities with innovative, integrated solutions that favour green mobility”. Fedra Ribeiro, COO of Mobilize

"We are proud to enter into such a partnership with an innovative company like Mobilize. We want to continue to provide our users and customers with a unique, top-quality service with the best guarantees, and all without emissions. We want to be at the forefront of electrification in Spain, both for Vecttor and all the other fleets we work with", said Daniel Bedoya, Regional Director of Cabify in Spain. “We chose to work with Mobilize because we have shared values and we believe they are a great partner in our path to total electrification".

1 WLTP – Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure


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