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• Mobilize is on show for the first time in Spain, from 14th to 16th June 2022, for the very first edition of the Global Mobility Call (Madrid) • The mobility services brand will showcase Mobilize Driver Solutions, a full package of solutions for ride-hailing professionals, alongside Zity by Mobilize, the all-electric car-sharing solution – two services for simpler urban transport. • Electric mobility cannot exist without charging solutions: with Mobilize Power Solutions, Mobilize provides peace of mind and ease of access to recharge your vehicle at home, at the office, or on the go.

Unmissable opportunities to hear from key speakers

Tuesday, June 14th (1:10 - 1.30 pm)1 – Location: ‘Auditorio’

‘Mobilize: a Renault Group brand to help transform the automotive industry’

Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize, will discuss the origins of the new brand – the first in-house brand created for more than 120 years – and the fundamental role it plays in shifting the Group towards new forms of mobility and a new vision of mobility uses, beyond just automotives.

Tuesday, June 14th (1:30 - 2:10 pm) – Location: ‘Auditorio’

Transforming the Automotive Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

The presentation will be followed by a round table discussion where Clotilde Delbos, will be joined by Javier Mateos Castro (CEO of Zity by Mobilize), Raul Blanco (Secretary-General for Industry at the Spanish Ministry of Industry), and Virginia Boutueil (researcher at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Deputy Director of the Renault-ParisTech Institute for Sustainable Mobility, and shared-mobility specialist).

Changing demands, stiffer competition, new regulation, economic and health crises… the automotive industry is evolving and needs to transform: but how? What are the challenges? Opportunities?

The discussion will be moderated by journalist Samantha Simonds.

Broadcast  via Live Connect


In store on the Mobilize stand: EVs for easier living and mobility access

Geared toward use rather than ownership, Mobilize offers vehicle-based solutions that make mobility easier, more accessible, more environmentally friendly and more affordable.

Mobilize Driver Solutions: an all-inclusive offer for ride-hailing professionals

This offer combines a work vehicle that is reliable and fun-to-drive – the all-electric Mobilize Limo sedan – with a full range of services adapted to taxi drivers, chauffeurs and fleet operators, with the simplicity of on-line subscription.

The monthly subscription does not require an initial down-payment and gives access to:

- a Mobilize Limo sedan with a manufacturer's warranty for the entire duration of the contract, up to 300,000km or 6 years;

- maintenance including labour and parts, including wear and tear (e.g. tyres);

- priority access to specialist garages;

- A ‘Mobilize Business Pass’ badge and the ‘Mobilize Power Solutions’ app for EV charging at more than 260,000 EV charging stations throughout Europe;

- 24/7 roadside assistance;

- passenger transport insurance and comprehensive insurance including repairs and towing.

In late May, Mobilize and Cabify, the Madrid-based multi-mobility platform, publicly announced their partnership whereby Cabify will run the very first fleet of 40 Mobilize Limo vehicles in the streets of Madrid. The Spanish company thus became the first client of Mobilize Driver Solutions.

Zity by Mobilize

Zity by Mobilize is a free-floating car-sharing service (meaning the car does not have to be returned to the pick-up location). It will continue to expand throughout Europe following its launch in Madrid, Paris, Lyon, and soon Milan.

The Spanish company currently has more than 560,000 users and a fleet of 1,425 all-electric vehicles, with an additional 450 Dacia Spring planned for Milan.

Since its inception, the service has helped avoid more than 60 tons of CO2 emissions and has made a commitment to only use renewable energies to recharge its fleets in all cities where possible.

Zity by Mobilize is also developing ground-breaking projects in the field of technological innovation. In addition to the seamless digital journey for users to book, open, start, and end their rental via a mobile app, some fleets also feature an in-vehicle safety program that monitors the car in real-time and warns the driver of any poor driving. Started in 2020, the ‘Safety Pilot’ project has since reduced the accident rate of the Madrid fleet by 36%.

Mobilize continues to rethink car-sharing and will showcase, for the first time in Spain, Mobilize Duo: an upcoming addition to the line-up: it is a compact, connected vehicle designed especially for shared mobility.

Electric vehicles are now part of everyday life and charging solutions play a fundamental role in EV uptake and use.

Mobilize Power Solutions

An EV and Plug-In Hybrid charging solutions expert, their aim is to simplify and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility for consumers and businesses alike.

Based in Spain since 2021, Mobilize Power Solutions offers tailor-made, turnkey solutions: from consultancy to design, installation and operation of charging stations. Its offers cover everything professional customers need – at work, at home, or on the go – regardless of the company’s size or sector. Mobilize Power Solutions also supports private customers, owners of Renault vehicles, who wish to install charging stations in their own homes.

Part of Renault Group, an EV pioneer, Mobilize Power Solutions leverages more than ten years of experience in electrical mobility to better serve its customers.

On the road with Mobilize Charge Pass and Mobilize Business Pass

While charging stations are essential at home and at work, they are also just as important when on the open road.

Mobilize Charge Pass is a unique access and payment solution for the largest public-access charging network in Europe, with over 260,000 terminals in 25 countries. Mobilize Charge Pass makes it easy to locate terminals and pay for charging services via a smartphone, without having to subscribe to multiple operators.

Professionals can use the Mobilize Business Pass to charge their vehicle wherever they want, no matter what brand vehicle they are driving!

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