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• Mobilize and FlexiFleet join forces to treat drivers to Mobilize Driver Solutions, which includes the full-electric Mobilize Limo and a comprehensive range of services for professionals. • The agreement between Mobilize and FlexiFleet gives drivers tight control over their budget, comes with no surprises, simplifies formalities and provides priority access to the dedicated garage. • Limo will be included in FlexiFleet’s catalogue mid-January.

FlexiFleet, France’s leading vehicle leasing company for ride-hailing professionals, and Mobilize, Renault Group’s brand dedicated to new mobilities, have signed an agreement aimed at helping drivers transition to full-electric vehicles. With Mobilize Driver Solutions, a deal for passenger transport professionals, FlexiFleet and Mobilize are partnering up to remove the barriers to adopting and driving electric vehicles by offering flexible lease terms combined with full services for drivers.

FlexiFleet and Mobilize want to simplify daily life for ride-hailing professionals by helping them keep their budget under control, sparing them unpleasant surprises and simplifying the formalities with all-in-one services. Accordingly, Mobilize Driver Solutions, which was launched in Paris this November, will also be available to ride-hailing professionals in the Paris region through FlexiFleet’s catalogue.

Drivers who sign up to Mobilize Driver Solutions via FlexiFleet will enjoy all the services included in the Mobilize Driver Solutions deal, including the charge card, vehicle and battery warranty (300,000 km/ 6 years), comprehensive insurance covering paid-for passenger conveyance, maintenance in a dedicated dealership, tyres and other wearing parts, 24/7 roadside assistance and priority access to the driver’s assigned garage.

FlexiFleet is a partner company on ride-hailing platforms. It offers a leasing service that enables drivers to optimise the financial and administrative management of their company thanks to flexible invoicing, adapted to the profile and actual mileage of each driver.

“We are adding Mobilize Driver Solutions to FlexiFleet’s catalogue because we want to make it easier for ride-hailing professionals to go electric. In addition to the Limo, a full-electric saloon we introduced in 2022, the comprehensive hassle-free deal is essentially an all-inclusive turnkey service that provides peace of mind and full control over costs,” says Ivan Ségal, SVP Sales, France

“The integration of the Limo and Mobilize Driver Solutions' all-in-one services into our offer is a perfect illustration of our strong commitment to the energy transition, but also of the values that we strongly defend at FlexiFleet: professionalism through the proposal of a turnkey offer, customer proximity through the accompaniment of each driver and reliability through the choice of the best vehicles on the market. This offer gives drivers access to a premium and profitable product without having to worry about the extras. We have great ambitions for our customers,” adds Benjamin Pasquet, CEO of FlexiFleet

Mobilize Limo and why it is the perfect tool for drivers

Limo, which is included in the Mobilize Driver Solutions deal, is perfect for passenger transport. Its full-electric motor releases no harmful emissions in use and thus has unrestricted access to city centres. Its 450 km WLTP range is ample (professionals typically drive 250 to 300 km on an average workday) and a 40-minute charge using the DC charger fitted as standard can add up to 250 km. Limo drives safely and smoothly, and comes with a full range of driving aids. The eminently comfortable and spacious interior treats passengers to an unsurpassed experience.


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