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• Efficient, shared mobility solutions with Mobilize Share and electric vehicles Duo and Bento.

• Turnkey and tailor-made charging solutions and infrastructures with Mobilize Power Solutions.

• Mobilize Fleet Monitoring solutions to monitor and optimise fleet management.

Thursday 8 February 2024 - Grande Halle de La Villette

(211, avenue Jean Jaurès - 75019 Paris - France)

Booth A39

Mobilize is a one-stop shop to help companies green their fleets and optimize their fleet management. Among the solutions presented by Mobilize on February 8, 2024 at the Rencontres Flotauto:

Shared mobility solutions

“Mobilize Share”: a digital vehicle-sharing solution dedicated to the needs of companies and their employees, adaptable to existing vehicles or a new fleet, and fully customizable (users, duration, private use, etc.). Mobilize Share is powered by glide.io, which develops digital tools for optimal fleet management, with technology adapted to all types of vehicle (combustion, hybrid, electric, new or used).

A Megane E-TECH electric will be exhibited at the show to demonstrate the customer journey in the "Mobilize Share" smartphone application: booking, check-in, opening and locking the vehicle.

• Duo & Bento : 100% electric, compact, connected, comfortable and safe, these two vehicles will meet the needs of businesses and professionals for travel in urban and suburban areas, and enable them to access restricted traffic zones.

Duo (two-seater) and Bento (single-seater with cargo box for delivery of goods and services) offer a range of 140 kilometers and a maximum speed of 80km/h1. They are equipped with an airbag and air-conditioning system, and their cabins are closed by glass doors opening vertically, so that users can always exit on the right side of the road, in complete safety.

Duo and Bento feature native connectivity, enabling specific vehicle data to be uploaded in real time (e.g. battery state of charge, location, etc.) and transmitted to company’s fleet management platforms. In addition, both feature a digital key access and start-up system accessible from a smartphone, to facilitate vehicle sharing and rotation within corporate fleets.

Bento will be exhibited at Mobilize booth.

Customized and turnkey charging solutions

Mobilize Power Solutions supports professionals in their transition to sustainable mobility, facilitating the recharging of electric vehicles on site, at employees' homes and on the move:

• Solutions compatible with all makes and types of vehicle (light, commercial, trucks).

• Customized support at every stage of the project: consulting, design, installation, operation, maintenance and financing.

• A supervision platform to centralize the fleet's recharging activity, enabling the management of user access to recharging stations, consumption analysis, budget control and retrieval of monthly invoices.

• A unique 'Mobilize Business Pass' charging badge for charging at company sites, at home or at public charging stations. Coupled with the 'Mobilize Power Solutions' application, it gives access to a network of over 600,000 charging points in Europe.

11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (Room D) Mobilize Power Solutions keynote: "Electric mobility: how to successfully decarbonize your fleet and anticipate energy needs".

Mobilize Fleet Monitoring solutions for monitoring and optimising fleet management

Mobilize Fleet Connect is an online and mobile platform for smart, simple fleet management. It provides a complete service encompassing real-time data on vehicle operation, as well as financial and mobility aspects. Fleet managers are able to better plan expenditure, manage maintenance, and reduce both energy consumption and carbon emissions by planning business travel in advance using geolocation data.

• And for companies wishing to keep their existing management system, Mobilize Fleet Data provides easy, real-time access to raw vehicle data such as mileage, maintenance and operation alerts, range for electric vehicles, and geolocation, as well as driving information such as current fuel and energy consumption, and an eco-driving score for educational purposes.

1 Duo will also be available in a licence-free version with a speed limite of 45km/h.

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